Totemi: Linking the Real and Virtual Worlds

APRIL 26th, 2018

What if we were to create a project that would link reality with virtual reality? Or offer cities new ways of communicating with its users? Or also provide content creators with a new tool allowing them to invent new experiences in the public space?

Find out how Jean-Bernard has managed to build a sometimes unlikely consortium between microelectronics and filmmakers to create a connected product that puts content quality and experience at the heart of its strategy.

More infos about the Totemi Projet

About the speakers

Jean-Bernard Rosse

Engineer with an EPFL master`s degree in data visualization. He is taking advantage of over 10 years technical support provided to numerous successful startups.


Stoyan Gern

 Computer Strategy graduate. For several years he has been specialising in the design of Human Machine Interfaces.


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