Design in the age of AI

MAY 4th, 2017

We are entering the age of artificial intelligence. Facebook knows we started a new relationship sooner than our friends. Google composes automatic replies for the emails we receive. We request rides or order pizzas by simply chatting with a bot or talking to a home assistant like Amazon Echo. What’s more, we even trust billions of our savings to automated robo-advisors like Wealthfront or the Swiss Truewealth.

Packing machine intelligence into our products makes a great difference to the user experience and brings new forms of human-computer interaction to life. And with those come new challenges.

Let’s see how design will transform in the age of AI. What are the trends in designing for AI? What are the challenges and pitfalls? How will the focus of product design shift in the future? And will robots replace designers?

About the speaker

Zoltan Gocza

Zoltan is a user experience designer. He loves working at the intersection of data and gut instinct. Fights UX myths and contrast criminals. Not too bad at 8-bit games either.

He leads the UX team at Centralway, set out to redefine mobile banking. Before joining Centralway, he was head of UX at the communication agency Isobar, and director of design at Ustream. He co-founded one of the leading Hungarian daily deal aggregators.

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