Computational Typologies – The Brick Labyrinth and other projects

DEC 7th, 2017

Technological developments change the way we build, new material processes and constructive methods enlarge our design space. The talk will introduce different ongoing research and teaching projects developed at the Chair for Architecture and Digital Fabrication (Gramazio Kohler Research) at ETH Zurich and try to develop some thoughts on how our design methodology as well as our idea of authorship has to adapt to deal with technological advances. Questions such as how computation relates to design typologies and, more generally, how we design with these new processes, will be addressed and discussed.


About the speaker

David Jenny

David Jenny is an architect that has studied at the EPF Lausanne, the University of Tokyo and graduated from the ETH Zurich. His diploma project on the potential of computational methods for designing mass housing projects was awarded with the sia master price. He has worked in different architectural practices bot in Switzerland and in Japan. Since 2015, he is a research assistant at the Chair of Architecture and Digital Fabrication (Gramazio Kohler Research) at ETH Zurich, mainly engaged with teaching and exhibition projects, dealing with the development of robotic digital fabrication techniques and their implementation in architectural design and construction.

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